The early Irish origins of the name Guerin appear to begin with the French Huguenot influx that began in the 16th Century. There is some evidence, however, that members of the Ó Géaráin clan may have adopted the Geran, then Guerin surname during the English Confiscation in the 14th Century. The relevant early history of the Guerin Clan has yet to be explored.


In about 1885 Bridget “Delia” Mulvihill, daughter of Michael and Johanna (McMahon) Mulvihill of Glin, County Limerick, married John Guerin. The Guerins may well have been a local Limerick family. It is not known as yet whether they married in Ireland or the US. According to later US Census documents, the arrived in about the same year they married. They apparently lived in St. Louis, MO from at least 1890-99, as all of the children were born there. The couple was living in Brooklyn in the 1900 Census, but had moved to NYC by 1920. John, a Roofer, had apparently died before the 1920 Census, and in 1930 Delia is living with her daughter Loretta in Ridgewood, Queens. The couple had four children:


John (b. abt 1890 MO); married ??? in abt 1912, and had a son, Victor (b. abt 1913), but was living with his mother in the 1920 Census. Bridget subsequently adopted Victor. Victor was not found in the 1930 Census.


Emmet (b. abt 1892 MO)


James (b. abt 1894 MO)


Loretta ( b. abt 1899 MO); married Frank Robbins in abt 1922; enumerated in 1930 Census in Ridgewood, Queens with the following children:

              Delia (b. abt 1923) and Francis (b. abt 1928)