Edward McLysaght, the leading authority in Irish family names and heraldry, describes the Neville name as having a dual origin. In the late twelfth century the invading Normans had a number of French “de Nevilles” in their company who ultimately settled in Ireland. Subsequently, during the catastrophic confiscation of lands by the English overlords in the fourteenth thru seventeenth centuries, many Irish families sought to escape – or at least ameliorate – their fate by “Anglicizing” their Gaelic names. Thus, it was that many in the Ó Niadh clan chose to adopt Neville. The Nevilles of Limerick and Cork predominantly have this latter origin.


The sisters, Catherine “Kate” and Honora “Nora” Mulvihill, youngest daughters of Michael and Johanna Mulvihill, married the brothers Neville, Jeremiah and John (See Direct). Although all born in Glin in the mid-late 1860’s, the marriages took place in New York City, eight years after they had immigrated to the US.


The early history of the Neville family is currently being investigated.


Jeremiah P. Neville was born about 1864, presumably in Ireland, and, immigrated to the US in 1884 according to the 1900 US Census. He was employed as a Street Car Conductor. Jeremiah married Catherine “Kate” Mulvihill in abt 1894, probably in NYC. The family was found in the 1900, 1910, and 1930 Censuses, living in Brooklyn, and finally in Queens. They had six children:


       Josephine “Josie” (b. abt 1895 NY)


Jeremiah A. “Gerry” (b. abt 1897 NY); enumerated in the 1930 Census living with wife Margaret in Queens. The couple had at least two children, Jeremiah A., Jr. (b. abt 1925 NY), and Joan (b. abt 1927 NY).


James (b. abt 1898 NY )


Marguerite (b. abt 1900 NY); enumerated in 1930 Census in Queens with husband August Haug (b. abt 1900 NY), a furniture salesman. The couple had at least three children, Herbert ( b. abt 1926), Marguerite (b. abt 1929), and Donald (b. abt 1930).


Timothy (b. abt 1903 NY); enumerated in 1930 Census in Brooklyn with wife Catherine. Timothy was a Chauffer.


John (b. abt 1905)



John Neville was born about 1865, presumably in Ireland. According to the entry in the 1920 US Census, he immigrated in 1886. No record could be located in the 1900, 1910, or 1930 Censuses. His employment is listed as Railroad Inspector. In about 1895, he married Honora “Nora” Mulvihill.

The couple lived in Brooklyn and had at least six children:


       Margaret (b. abt 1899)


       Frank (b. abt 1901)


       Marie (b. abt 1903)


       Laura (or Nora) (b. abt 1903) – a twin of Marie?


       Thomas (b. abt 1905)


       Kathleen (or Catherine) (b. abt 1907)