The Following pages contain our full Mulvihill Family Tree as of September 30, 2003. It will be regularly updated.


The file at present contains information on 5186 individuals, dating back as far as 1450 A.D.


The portion of the Mulvihill lineage prior to about 1850 is speculative, as it is based upon fragmentary, secondary sources. It is supplied as an operating framework for future research.


These pages were prepared with Personal Ancestral File, v. 5.0 and include a downloadable copy of the respective GEDCOM file. A GEDCOM file is the lingua franca of the genealogy community in that it can be read, or imported, by nearly all of the commercially available family history software packages. The file has the suffix .ged. If you wish to peruse the data contained in the Full Mulvihill Family Tree offline, simply click on the hyperlink on the next page and save the file to a convenient folder on your computer. To open the file, open your family history software, select File, Import, highlight the file that you just downloaded, and hit Enter (or Import).


The process of conversion from .ged format to the format of your particular software can take several minutes, depending upon the speed of your computer. This is a large file.